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Discern God’s Will – Tradition

Every time I think about tradition, I cannot help but think of Tevye boldly singing, “Tradition!” in the musical Fiddler on the Roof. Throughout the performance, he is faced with challenges to his traditions as he desperately tries to hold on to them. Slowly, he begins to accept that some of those traditions need to change. It might seem that, if traditions are flexible in […]

Blame or Bless?

We exercised our right to vote and now we face an even bigger responsibility: supporting our leaders and becoming a part of the solution. Our commitment to God and country reaches far beyond a day here or there when we cast an informed ballot. We are called to build community, work together for the common good and seek God’s direction on how to lift up […]

Extravagant Worship

Worship is extravagant. When we speak of worship, beyond our Christian conversations, we easily equate the action to deep emotion and value. “I worship the ground she walks on,” we say, and we know that we are sharing how deeply we feel toward that person we love. To say such a thing is an expression of profound love, appreciation and desire. It is the nature […]

Good Reasoning and Getting Along

Earlier today, I commented on a Facebook post regarding a Christian perspective on environmental concerns. It was a link to a blog post on the Nature Conservancy site and was a wonderful challenge to Christians to take responsibility for the stewardship of the earth. In my comment, I affirmed the quality of the piece and the Nature Conservancy’s willingness to post it. I added my […]

Keep it Simple

I’ve been reading (and rereading) Radical, by David Platt. It is a challenging look at how we blend American culture and philosophies with the Gospel message. More that simply understanding the message of the Bible through our cultural background, Platt argues we are reworking the true message of the biblical witness to fit our personal agendas and preconceptions. As I reviewed the chapter on we […]

What Happened to Civility

What happened to civility? I know we are overburdened and rushed for time. I understand that we are working to make ends meet and worried about the current economic forecast. I recognize that we have opinions and passions, but when did it become acceptable to subjugate the way we respect and treat others in order to make ourselves and our agenda the only thing that matters. […]