break free

5 Steps for Breaking Free (Gravity Pt. 3)

Identifying the sources of negative spiritual gravity in our lives is the first step to breaking free. When we see what is holding us back, those things begin to lose some power in the light of that exposure, but knowing gravity exists will not give us the power to overcome its pull. We need to take active steps to move upward. Here are five steps […]



Gravity, it is the weak force of physics that keeps us strongly rooted to the ground and affects everything from the lightest feather to the grandest sun. It is something we depend upon for life to remain ordered, and it is surprisingly difficult to overcome. We see that difficulty every time we watch a rocket launch. Massive amounts of fuel are needed to create the […]

The Opinion that Truly Matters

Early in my ministry, my wife handed me a cartoon of a woman speaking to her husband who was pouring over his schedule. It read, “Just remember honey, Jesus loves you, and everyone else has a wonderful plan for your life.” As laughable as it was, it is also quite the reality for just about everyone I know. It seems many people around us are […]

God’s Vision: A Big Idea

This morning, I am preaching from a couple of verses from the prophet Habakkuk. This is the first sermon in a New Year’s series on vision. For many of us, Habakkuk is not the first place we turn in the Bible, but his words are a powerful challenge at the beginning of 2015. “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a […]


Bridges, trains, and the acrid smell of industry; rivers marked with barges of coal, these and many more are the images of home. I am a Pittsburgh boy, and, truthfully, that never leaves you. There is something about the city and the region that captures a piece of your heart forever. It is part of what makes our sports fans so annoying to others. We […]

New Beginnings

Happy New Year! Does anything say new beginnings better than a birth? Even our cultural celebration of New Year’s Eve and Day represents the New Year in the form of a baby taking over for the aging Father Time. I, for one, am profoundly struck by the celebration of beginnings right in the middle of the Christmas season. It there is a new beginning worth […]

Waiting With God

“I can’t wait until I…” was a mantra from my past. There were numerous markers on the path to ordained ministry. Barely would I complete one, before I was anticipating the next. Whether it was completing a phase of education, or passing another interview with the Board of Ordained ministry! I could not wait to get passed the next step. Thankfully, another pastor who served […]

No Skipping Steps

“And he appointed twelve (whom he also called apostles) so that they might be with him, and he might send them out to preach and have authority…” – Mark 3:14 When we rush into doing things, we get things out of order, and we can miss what really matters. I remember a test one of my high school teachers gave to our class. It was […]