break free

5 Steps for Breaking Free (Gravity Pt. 3)

Identifying the sources of negative spiritual gravity in our lives is the first step to breaking free. When we see what is holding us back, those things begin to lose some power in the light of that exposure, but knowing gravity exists will not give us the power to overcome its pull. We need to take active steps to move upward. Here are five steps […]

God’s Vision: A Big Idea

This morning, I am preaching from a couple of verses from the prophet Habakkuk. This is the first sermon in a New Year’s series on vision. For many of us, Habakkuk is not the first place we turn in the Bible, but his words are a powerful challenge at the beginning of 2015. “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a […]

New Beginnings

Happy New Year! Does anything say new beginnings better than a birth? Even our cultural celebration of New Year’s Eve and Day represents the New Year in the form of a baby taking over for the aging Father Time. I, for one, am profoundly struck by the celebration of beginnings right in the middle of the Christmas season. It there is a new beginning worth […]

Dreams and Visions

“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” – Joel 2:28 People talk a lot about dreams and visions. Sometimes, they use other words, but questions about direction and goals are fairly common. Students are asked about their dreams for the future. Businesses continually […]

In the Light of the Season

The weather is finally starting to change. It is hard to believe it was over 60 degrees on Tuesday. It certainly was not normal for early December, and while the warmth was enjoyable, it was a little disturbing to think that the natural order was so out of step with what should be happening at this time of year. Less than 24 hours later, however, […]


As it turned out, there was more transitional work than I expected and unfortunately, my blogging suffered the most when it came to making needed cuts. However, now that the sermons are largely planned through the end of the year and the classes I am teaching are in order, my schedule is finding a rhythm that allows for more writing. Transitions are not easy, but […]

Be Happy

What does it take to be happy? Do we find happiness in our circumstances and the things we possess? Is happiness merely the result of our feelings, or is there something unwavering which produces happiness within us? Recently, I sat with another pastor who I just met. We were sharing ministry stories, especially discussing our favorite authors and resources. The conversation moved to our sources […]

Taking Responsibility

“I didn’t do it!” oh, how I remember those shouts from my young children when we would ask them about how something got broken, went missing, or used inappropriately. Their immediate response was denial. It seemed, no one in our family did it. We even developed a humorous spirit about these moments, blaming the dogs, mystery visitors, even imaginary animals for the unexplained events. We […]