Keeping Focus

We all have them, seasons we would rather avoid, that cause us to lose focus and drain our joy. Still, rough patches are a part of being alive. They make up the texture of our lives and going through them can make us stronger in the process. The past year was such a season in our lives. Unexpected challenges arose in a steady stream, sometimes […]

Victory Over Fear

Capturing God’s vision for our lives is the first step, then comes the challenging part – translating that vision into action in our lives. One of the biggest challenges is overcoming the fear that accompanies walking the path God calls us to travel on. Fear is a daunting adversary. It can be debilitating at times, numbing us to the truth and eroding our confidence. One […]

Overcoming Walls

Do you ever feel like you are facing  obstacles with walls so tall and strong you cannot get past them? In spite of the oft-quoted promise that, “God will never give you more than you can handle,” the truth is that we frequently face things that are greater than we can handle on our own, but not bigger than the God who loves us, and wants […]

Grace for Guilt

A man or woman who has not faced adversity has a diminished understanding of where belief comes from, and of the true value of life. Those who have not experienced great brokenness do not fully comprehend the immense love found in grace. The greater the need for forgiveness, the greater the potential for appreciating the gift of new life. I have a list of experiences […]

Be Happy

What does it take to be happy? Do we find happiness in our circumstances and the things we possess? Is happiness merely the result of our feelings, or is there something unwavering which produces happiness within us? Recently, I sat with another pastor who I just met. We were sharing ministry stories, especially discussing our favorite authors and resources. The conversation moved to our sources […]

Praising in Your Prision

“If only my situation was different; then I would be able to praise God.” This belief is very common. We often believe that our attitudes about life and even about God are the result of our circumstances. When things are going well, we feel good, we feel close to God and we believe God is active in our lives. When things become more difficult, more […]

What Can I Do?

“What can I do?” This is the classic question that arises when we face seasons and situations of great need. The recent effects of the hurricane on the east coast of the United States, have raised this question again for many of us. What can we do that will make a difference in the face of great devastation and suffering? It is not just hurricanes […]

The Lesson of Lent

Ash Wednesday is fast approaching and with it, the beginning of Lent. As the first signs of spring make their appearance, we give our attention to a season of reflection and repentance. But why do we give six-and-a-half weeks to such somber reflection, put ashes on our foreheads, and take on special Lenten disciplines? There are many things that we would enjoy more, and if […]