Discern God’s Will – Reason

Before we consider the role of reason in spiritual discernment, I want to mention I comment I received on yesterday’s post. A concern was raised regarding God’s involvement in our experiences. Specifically, that God does not cause bad things to happen in our lives so that we will learn a lesson. This is a very important point! Rather than simply make a passing comment on […]


Discern God’s Will – Experience

Swiss theologian Karl Barth once said we should do theology with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other.” While newspapers are no longer the dominant media source, his point is still quite valid. We need our experiences to properly discern God’s will. Yes, as we already established, we need the truth of Scripture and the solid foundation of Tradition, but we understand […]


I thought a little poetic reflection was in order for the weekend. May you find peace in what truly matters. I once thought happiness came in packages with dollar signs attached. Quantity mattered more than quality, unless a name gave you status. I wanted more because peace had a shelf life. Some, new thing was always ready to be my source of joy and self-worth. […]

Going Deeper

Recently, I purchased a set of microfiber cloths. These are the extra-gentle wipes used to clean sensitive surfaces like computer and touch screens. Numerous people kept pointing out that my iPad screen could stand to lose a few fingerprints, so it seemed like a good investment. I wanted to be sure that the ones I purchased had no cleaning products in them, so I checked […]

Great Grace

Recently, my wife and I went out for a lunch together at a local restaurant. It was wonderful to spend some time together. What was not as wonderful was the discovery of a hair in my sandwich just as I finished eating the first half. The waitress was very understanding when I explained the situation and immediately went to get the manager. When she arrived, […]


“I don’t want to study!” I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard those words, and how many times I said them. There are times when all of us would rather not expend the metal effort to take in more information. Sometimes we feel too tired or maybe the material does not excite us, but whatever the reason, we don’t feel like learning any […]

What Do You Want

“What do you want?” There are so many different ways to read the words of that question. It can be spoken in the tone of a parent asking a precious child what would bless them, or with the drone of a bored cashier who would rather not be bothered. It is the terse expression of an annoyed coworker, or the heartfelt request of someone who […]

Where Knowledge Begins

It is easy to mistake amassing information for gaining knowledge. While it is wonderful to have the precious tidbits necessary to win a game of Trivial Pursuit, or answer the questions on Jeopardy, real knowledge is much more than a mind full of facts, no matter how interesting those facts may be. The wrong understanding of knowledge can lead to negative consequences. It is this […]

Night Lessons

What we give our attention to during the day, often makes its way into our nights. Many of us likely remember a few scary dreams that came after watching a frightening movie, or waking up with a song we listened to playing in our heads. It is not uncommon for things we studied to surface in our minds as we try to sleep, and many […]

Out of the Ashes

“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you will return.” The words are stark, but this traditional phrase, spoken at the imposition of ashes during the Ash Wednesday service, is a powerful entrance to the meaning of the Lenten season. Lent began yesterday, and once again we embarked upon our 40 day journey toward the joy of Easter. These precious days give us an […]