7 Sources of Negative Spiritual Gravity

Yesterday, we considered the challenge of overcoming negative sources of spiritual gravity holding us back from living an adventurous life with Jesus. In order to break free from the pull of these strongholds, we must first identify them. While the list could be quite long, here are seven common sources of negative spiritual gravity: 1. Familiarity This is the one, as a pastor, I encounter […]

Overcoming Walls

Do you ever feel like you are facing  obstacles with walls so tall and strong you cannot get past them? In spite of the oft-quoted promise that, “God will never give you more than you can handle,” the truth is that we frequently face things that are greater than we can handle on our own, but not bigger than the God who loves us, and wants […]

Be Happy

What does it take to be happy? Do we find happiness in our circumstances and the things we possess? Is happiness merely the result of our feelings, or is there something unwavering which produces happiness within us? Recently, I sat with another pastor who I just met. We were sharing ministry stories, especially discussing our favorite authors and resources. The conversation moved to our sources […]

Seeking Order

It seemed like a good day for poetry… Maybe there are days when you feel like you get in your own way and complicate your journey. I know the feeling well… I create too many rules     dreaming of an ordered life          It is fantasy Like creations of sand by the ocean side,     my ideals are fleeting          carried away by the flow of life Freedom and […]