Truth for Itching Ears

The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Yes, sometimes it does, but if it is really the truth, the pain that follows does not lack purpose. A real revelation of truth corrects wrong thinking and direction, and brings forth life in its wake.     The Apostle Paul, writing to his protegee Timothy, encouraged him to hold fast to the truth of faith, for his sake, and […]

Welcome Back

Juggling the many details and situations of life can leave us so busy that we only have time for the most pressing priorities. Even the things we love can suddenly be eclipsed by the things we need to do. Sometimes, as we cross off some of the higher priorities, other valuable things rise to the surface, but then there are the times we must dig […]

Grace for Guilt

A man or woman who has not faced adversity has a diminished understanding of where belief comes from, and of the true value of life. Those who have not experienced great brokenness do not fully comprehend the immense love found in grace. The greater the need for forgiveness, the greater the potential for appreciating the gift of new life. I have a list of experiences […]

Going Deeper

Recently, I purchased a set of microfiber cloths. These are the extra-gentle wipes used to clean sensitive surfaces like computer and touch screens. Numerous people kept pointing out that my iPad screen could stand to lose a few fingerprints, so it seemed like a good investment. I wanted to be sure that the ones I purchased had no cleaning products in them, so I checked […]

Back with Love

It’s about time I start writing again. It seems like I said this too many times before. Life has an interesting way of becoming overfull before you know it. Since my last post in 2011, we celebrated several major holidays, helped two of our children settle into college, and experienced a myriad of changes at church. It’s been a time filled with excitement and with […]

Acts of God

Last night, a band of dangerous thunderstorms moved through our area and brought with them high winds and tornados. It was a harrowing time for some people and the damage while isolated, was significant. As is typical of these times of natural destruction, the pain and destruction were deemed, “an act of God,” by media and others. It is interesting that God gets the blame […]

Redemption Journals

When I lead mission trips, one of the key tools I take with me are journals. I encourage each member of the team to keep a personal journal where they can write memories and insights then reflect upon them in prayer to see if they can sense the Holy Spirit leading them to a deeper understanding of themselves, of God and of their experience. I […]