Lift off!

There is nothing quite like knowing you are on your way! There is a sense of excitement and joy that comes from each new beginning in our lives. We feel things begin to tremble as we begin to launch and we know that we are underway, something amazing is about to begin. The anticipation is tangible. Even facing some fear and the unknowns, we know […]

Fear Not

It was supposed to be a debilitating spring snowstorm, but for much of the area it was only frosting on the grass and a lot of rain. All expectations focused on broken tree limbs, downed power lines and plenty of ice. Thankfully, the expectations were wrong. What could have been the “April Surprise” was just surprisingly cold. As the news media began reporting the forecast […]

Moving Faith

Yesterday, I announced that I was being appointed to another church. The congregation I serve did not expect that news and a few weeks ago, neither did I. I already indicated my desire to stay where I was and the church shared their hope that I would remain their pastor. We were comfortable with each other and enjoying ministry together, then God stepped in with […]

The Power of Canceled Sin

I have many favorite hymns, but one of them is definitely “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing.” The hymn always touched me but recently, it became even more meaningful. There is a stanza in this classic hymn that includes the words, “He breaks the power of canceled sin, he sets the prisoner free.” I cannot begin to imagine how many times I sang these […]

Praising in Your Prision

“If only my situation was different; then I would be able to praise God.” This belief is very common. We often believe that our attitudes about life and even about God are the result of our circumstances. When things are going well, we feel good, we feel close to God and we believe God is active in our lives. When things become more difficult, more […]

Sacred Remembrance

Throughout the Scripture we find places where the people of God built altars. Sometimes, these were directly connected to houses of worship, but often, they were places of remembrance. When individuals and communities experienced unique encounters with God, an altar would be set up to remember that experience and honor God in the future. Occasionally, people would erect standing stones, large stones placed in an […]

Seasons Change

Change is never easy. It can be fun, even worthwhile, but there is always a period of adjustment. The most inspiring possibilities still fail to completely eclipse the twinge of grief we feel toward letting go of the familiar, and touch of fear for what is to come. From the simplest adjustment to the most profound transition, change makes an impact on each of us.At […]

Glance Back, Gaze Forward

Well, here we are again, entering into another new beginning. These new beginnings are wonderful opportunities to assess where we’ve been and to prayerfully consider where we are going. Now is where we remind ourselves of what God did for us in the past and ask ourselves what we did for God. It is the time when we dream about the future and pray for God’s vision […]