Lift off!

There is nothing quite like knowing you are on your way! There is a sense of excitement and joy that comes from each new beginning in our lives. We feel things begin to tremble as we begin to launch and we know that we are underway, something amazing is about to begin. The anticipation is tangible. Even facing some fear and the unknowns, we know […]

break free

5 Steps for Breaking Free (Gravity Pt. 3)

Identifying the sources of negative spiritual gravity in our lives is the first step to breaking free. When we see what is holding us back, those things begin to lose some power in the light of that exposure, but knowing gravity exists will not give us the power to overcome its pull. We need to take active steps to move upward. Here are five steps […]



Gravity, it is the weak force of physics that keeps us strongly rooted to the ground and affects everything from the lightest feather to the grandest sun. It is something we depend upon for life to remain ordered, and it is surprisingly difficult to overcome. We see that difficulty every time we watch a rocket launch. Massive amounts of fuel are needed to create the […]

Camping in a Good Place

I remember some of my first camping outings, and the valuable lessons that came from those experiences. One of the most significant insights I quickly gleaned, shared a theme with a famous real estate axiom: location, location, location. Where you camp makes all the difference. From the insulation beneath you, to loose limbs in the trees above, there are important things to consider before making […]

Grace for Guilt

A man or woman who has not faced adversity has a diminished understanding of where belief comes from, and of the true value of life. Those who have not experienced great brokenness do not fully comprehend the immense love found in grace. The greater the need for forgiveness, the greater the potential for appreciating the gift of new life. I have a list of experiences […]

Finding Our Footing

After nearly three weeks, we are beginning to feel settled in our new appointment. Transition between churches and moving to a new community in a new region shake up comfort zones and break most of established routines. These changes can be as simple as whether to call carbonated beverages “pop” or “soda,” or they can be the obstacle of navigating unknown roads to new destinations. […]

The Power of Pentecost

Tomorrow is Pentecost. It is also two weeks since I announced to the congregation I serve that a change in pastoral leadership is coming. As you can imagine, accepting the coming change is a difficult thing. Some people are ready to move forward while others are still trying to adjust to the news. For many this time simply feels like chaos, and questions about the […]

The Power of Canceled Sin

I have many favorite hymns, but one of them is definitely “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing.” The hymn always touched me but recently, it became even more meaningful. There is a stanza in this classic hymn that includes the words, “He breaks the power of canceled sin, he sets the prisoner free.” I cannot begin to imagine how many times I sang these […]

Seize the Day

This will just take a little time. The truth is, everything takes time and sometimes it takes quite a lot of it. All of us receive the same 24 hours and we are charged with the responsibility of choosing how we will spend those precious moments. This week, I returned from a post-Christmas vacation. Our family enjoyed a relatively quiet week together. We ate, watched […]