Discern God’s Will – Scripture

Living the Christian life requires a constant effort to discern God’s will and to put that direction into action. Discovering God’s will for our lives, our families, our faith communities, and the world is not always easy. Situations are often complicated and the right course of action is not always clear. How do we discern God’s direction? What tools are there to help us in […]


Soaking in the Scripture

   Going deeper with God naturally involves soaking in the Scripture. In these precious texts, we find the revelation of God’s heart and design for our lives, and the world. As we listen deeply to the word of God resonating within our spirit, we deepen our relationship with the Author and we receive greater revelation for our lives. In Colossians 3:16 we read, “Let the […]

Reading Deeply

Some things cannot be done at high speed. Driving large distances at thruway speeds is effective, but even basic maintenance is impossible at 65 miles per hour, or more. What is true for driving our vehicles is also true for our spiritual life. We cannot experience the real depth of the soul while pushing top speed in our activities, and one of the places this […]

What is Truth?

“What is truth?” Pilate asked Jesus. With the Son of God, the very living embodiment of truth, before him, he chose to enter into a philosophical reflection on the nature of truth. It is a stunning example of missed opportunity. Instead of debating the definition of truth, Pilate could have chosen to drink deeply of it from Jesus Christ. It is clear from the story […]

Known for What?

Why is is that some of the most simple lessons seem more challenging to learn and put into practice? Recently, I was browsing religion and faith blogs to find some personal inspiration and to make connection with other bloggers with similar interests. I found a number of interesting sites and posts and even discovered a couple of blogs I enjoyed so much I added them […]

Night Lessons

What we give our attention to during the day, often makes its way into our nights. Many of us likely remember a few scary dreams that came after watching a frightening movie, or waking up with a song we listened to playing in our heads. It is not uncommon for things we studied to surface in our minds as we try to sleep, and many […]

LIght on the Path

During our honeymoon, my wife asked if we could please include a trip along Skyline Drive in Virginia. It is a beautiful trip through scenic woodlands along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The section we chose was about 15 miles long, and moments after beginning that portion of the trip, I was glad she suggested it. It was beautiful and being there with […]

What Happened to Civility

What happened to civility? I know we are overburdened and rushed for time. I understand that we are working to make ends meet and worried about the current economic forecast. I recognize that we have opinions and passions, but when did it become acceptable to subjugate the way we respect and treat others in order to make ourselves and our agenda the only thing that matters. […]

7 Ways to Hear from God – Right Now

Do you wish that you could have God’s perspective on your life and your circumstances? Do you want to know God’s heart and thoughts about you and your life? Some of us might jump at the chance, while others might be hesitant because they believe that God’s view of them would be painful to hear. The truth, however, is that God is deeply in love […]