Lift off!


There is nothing quite like knowing you are on your way! There is a sense of excitement and joy that comes from each new beginning in our lives. We feel things begin to tremble as we begin to launch and we know that we are underway, something amazing is about to begin. The anticipation is tangible. Even facing some fear and the unknowns, we know the adventure is starting.

Last week, I had the pleasure and privilege of officiating the wedding of a very dear friend and her fiancé. Standing before them as they shared their vows and exchanged rings, it was easy to see the joy on their faces, and everyone felt their anticipation for the new life that they were embarking on in that moment.

I always share a few words with each couple I bless in marriage, and I make sure to mention that not every day ahead will be as utopic as their wedding day. Challenges will certainly come, and there is no way to predict what awaits in the future. What is sure is that they are joining their lives together with each other and with God, and they will, through the strength of those relationships, be able to face whatever comes their way.

Such significant moments come with joyful expectancy, and a healthy dose of respect for the unknowns of the future. It can be a wedding, the birth of a child, a new vocation, or a new calling. These, and other similar moments, become launching pads into God’s future, and when we embrace them in their fullness, there is much to celebrate.

In the Book of Revelation, God says, “Behold, I am making all things new.” (Revelation 21:5) In the very text that epitomizes God’s future for humanity, there is the promise that God is making everything new. When we walk in faith, we are assured that God is working to re-create us, and our circumstances. Not only is this a promise of hope, but it is a definition of life. Day-by-day, God’s new life for us is being revealed and created.

To say we soar with Christ is an excellent description of what our life of faith is truly like. We continue to climb higher with him, and we experience greater vistas of beauty and wonder. What was once our ceiling, now becomes the floor for the next step of the journey. What once seemed difficult is now commonplace, and what was only a dream becomes reality. With each stage and step, our ability to see more and dream bigger dreams increases.

It would be easy during the shaking and rattling of lift off to back out or change our mind. The immediate experience of that moment can be intimidating, but it is only a short season that is leading to something far more beautiful that we ever expected. Soaring with Christ is a wonderful thing.

When I was younger, I took lessons toward gaining a private pilot’s license. I still remember the day my instructor got out of the plane after we landed and said, “You are ready to solo. Take her up yourself.” My stomach was in my throat. My heart was beating fast, and it was hard to breathe. The thought of my lift off was very intimidating. There were many hours of theory and practice behind me, but this was the real thing.

Sitting at the end of the runway, I pushed the throttle forward and the plane began to move, slowly at first, but rapidly picking up speed. About halfway down the runway, I felt the wheels leave the ground. I was far from steady, but I was flying. In moments I was hundreds of feet above the earth and enjoying an experience I will never forget. Soaring around the airport was amazing. The view was beautiful, and I felt so alive. It wasn’t long before it felt normal to climb into the cockpit and take off by myself.

Soaring with Christ comes with the same intimidating fears, but the reward is worth facing those fears. Nothing we experience compares with the wonder and amazement that comes from the choice to say, “Yes!” Lift off is worth it. We are meant for it.

Whatever God is calling you into today, say, “Yes!” Soaring in faith is an exciting experience. May God’s blessing be yours for the journey!

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